Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Celebration of the Arts (COTA) 2017

Maclay believes that arts education is a critical part of the development of the whole child, so we offer a variety of visual and performing arts opportunities for all students, both through the required curriculum and elective courses. Disciplines include drama, instrumental music, vocal music, visual arts, and dance. The Fine Arts Department promotes the development of student talent, both individually and collectively while striving to provide an education that promotes creative learning and a joyous passion for the arts. 

 In this blog post you will find out how we did most of our booths for this event. If you have any questions, just leave a comment in the section below and we will be glad to get back with you. Cathy Hicks our lower school art teacher took on the challenge of making large Dominoes. She used the foam board from Home Depot.
We also had our Cartee Gym running on a schedule with a Performing Arts events. This blog post mainly focuses on the Visual Arts aspect of how we made it happen and what booths were offered.

 We also had the lower school art show going on at the same time. This was the most successful art show ever on campus. Thanks to all the parents that help support this event. Thanks MaC for helping out again this year. You are the best mother in law!

 Bubble blowing....
Recycled Band Selfie with our Pep Band Instructor. Thanks Mrs. Perry!
 The kids always love this!

 Life size board game booth...
We have a board on Pinterest that we gather ideas and post our photos on:
If you are on social media search

Our STEAM inspired booth, Thanks Cameron for heading this one up!

Cookie booth. Kids got to use icing and decorate their cookies. Yes, most of our booths are this detailed. Dealing with Fine Arts Teachers is like herding cats, so we have to be very organized.
Details of this booth:


·       Sugar Cookies
·       Icing
·       Dessert sized plates
·       Napkins
·       Clorox wipes
·       2 tables
·       Table covers
·       Garbage bag/can next to table
·       Printed Emojis
·       Sign

·       Sugar Cookies
o   Publix offered us “13 count size cookies”
o   Charged $5.00/13 cookies. 
§  They absorbed the labor of making the larger sized cookies out of the smaller pre cut cookie dough
o   We had 390 cookies (30 x 13 cookies).  We ran out about 25 minutes before the end of the day.  The lower school ate @ 200 cookies.  There were times some folks took more than 1 cookie.
·       Icing
o   Royal Icing Recipe
§  1 lb Confectioners Sugar, sifted (Costco sells 7 lb bags)
§  5 Tablespoons of meringue powder (Hobby Lobby)
§  ½ cup (or less) of Water
·       Combine all ingredients in a bowl using an electric mixer with the paddle attachment.  Mix on low speed until creamy about 7-10 minutes.  If too thin, beat icing 2 – 3 minutes more
·       If too thin, add water a teaspoon at a time.
·       If using Dye, remember that can affect consistency, so offset by using less water.
·       I made 9 lbs of sugar for 390 cookies.  8 would have been enough, but I prefer to have extra
·       Place in Sandwich Sized (or smaller, if you want) Ziploc bags.  KEEP REFRIGERATED. 
o   Bring an igloo with ice packs to the event
o   The day of the event, clip a VERY SMALL piece of the corner of the bag to squeeze out icing
§  If squeezed too hard, Icing will squeeze out of the top and you’ll loose the icing
§  As the icing bag is handled and gets warmer, icing will become thinner.
o   Have a PARTNER to help decorate cookies for LOWER SCHOOL
§  Initially we asked if younger kids wanted to decorate their own.  Then we changed to us decorating for them
·       Dessert sized plates
o   To place cookies on to be decorated
·       Napkins / Wipes
o   Icing will get everywhere!
·       2 tables
o   1 for supplies
·       Table covers
·       Garbage bag/can next to table
o   You’ll need this for napkins/wipes/plates etc.
·       Sign

Food Trucks are always a nice change in pace for our kids.
The Color Burst Field organized.


Bean Bag Toss

Spectrum Club
Whitney Snow reading Art Dog to our PK classes.
Running that drone. Can't wait to share those photos.
Face Painting

Mason's Music is always a HIT!
Thnaks Mrs. Mason for coming and helping out.

Frank Lloyd Wright right here in Tallahassee

Love to see the Latin Class involvement.

Are you familiar with Wiggle Your Toes?
I plan to blog on this at another time, Kevin actually visited our school and this booth was inspired from his visit.

Ceramic class made clay necklaces in the style of Peter Max.
Photo backdrops.

Art Trading Card Booth
Local Museums came to set up too!

This was out Culture Corner.

Think they enjoyed the Face Painting Booth.
More information here for how we organized the Color Burst
These wings were inspired by Kelsey Montague

We posted teasers online.
Helping to build the hype for our event.
High School sewing bean bags together for the bean bag toss.
Side Walk is easier to do if the side walk is wet. Try it. The colors are brighter.

Lots of detail.

 Food Trucks are always a hit but make sure you connect with the Cafeteria staff to let them know the plan. Communication is key in any event.
 Dominoes being painted in the classroom.
 Thanks, Cindy Thomas for getting our life size TWISTER Board ready on the field!
 Getting our bean bag toss ready.
 Borrowed these from Science class in middle school. They made a great photo opportunity.
 Like the background it has a Peter Max flare to it.
Click here for last year's blog post on our first COTA at Maclay:
Where you can find other photos:
Link from local TV coverage:

Last year we ended the event with a Flash Mob
This was an amazing day for our school community. I hope this helps you all see some of the behind the scenes planning that takes place. We are in the planning stages now for next year as we have just sent out a survey to the school to gather ideas and feedback.

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