Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Color Burst at Maclay's Celebration of the Arts (COTA)

 How did we make this event happen? Well, it was a team effort. COTA is kind of like an Arts Field Day at our school. I will blog on the booths later, but this Color Burst took on a life of its own and we owe the planning to Whitney! She volunteered to head it up and she got the job done. I can't begin to tell you the photo opportunities that arose from this Color Burst. If you are on social media and search the #COTA or #CelebrationoftheArts the way cool photos that will pop us for you are amazing. We had several photographers taking photos for us and a drone. I can't wait to share all of those photos.
 We have blogged on the Celebration of Art before here:
 We purchased the color burst powder from Amazon:

It comes in all sizes. We had to break down each color and place in a 2ounce container with a lid for easy distribution for the event. 
If you Google Color run Powder all kinds of information comes up. You just need to choose what works best for your situation. *Side note, we miscalculated and it was a blessing. It was nice that we had enough powder for everyone on campus to use it. The teachers had the most fun!
 For a couple of days we combined Maclay middle school Theater Arts classes and middle school Art class to help us sort and organize the powder. It was a little overwhelming at first but Whitney Snow had a plan in her head and it was well organized.
Older kids got bags of the powder. You should see some of their photos. AMAZING!
 We created a few "teasers" on social media to build up the hype of the event.
In the past Art has had a reptuation for being "hidden" at Maclay. We are all working together as our department is growing to change that.
 Yep, we loved working with our 6th graders on this because they had a blast. We used the boomerang app and shared on Instagram.
 We have to keep it interesting...so here is a Bob Ross Photo Op! WE love those AP art kiddos!
 Thanks, Kyle for bringing in the Bob Ross Photo Prop. The kids loved it and so did we.
 Always remember to thank the ones that help make your event a success. We couldn't have done it without out maintenance crew.
 We had this set up for our volunteers!
 Definitely needed a map!
 Signs always help in communicating with our school family.
 Thanks to Sally Hyde for making this sign for our road. It is nice to be visible for our surrounding community to see. We sure do appreciate your help!
 Balloon party in the art room...thanks to all of the students who helped get these blown up.
This took us about 2 hours with all hands on deck helping the morning of COTA
2 of my favorite folks. Thanks, Marty for supporting our event. I loved the One School feel that the day brought on. Pretty special photo to me...
Once the powder was placed in plastic containers, we placed them in a box. The box was labeled with a number for a class. This box was for 5th grade in lower school.
Lots of organization but it all paid off as this was one of the most fun things of the day.
 This was Kolleen's first COTA. I think her whole family had a blast!
 1969's Daughter and Mother In Law always present and participating in all things artsy!
 Just a few photos from the COLOR BURST!
These photos were taking with my iphone 7s.
Love the powder in the air!
We played music and had the kids have a color burst all at once. This was ever so cool to watch.

 I spy a senior girl...running away with some loot headed over to the Senior Shack. Go Mary Frances Go! Check out the background...you can see all kinds of things going on.

 Thanks, Whitney! This photo sums it all up in one photo. Check out those kiddos faces.
Yes, we do have a fantastic Fine Arts Team here at Maclay! I am truly blessed to work with such motivated kindred spirits.
Did you notice our shirts? Pretty cool, 'eh!
Yes, for the most part it washed out...

Just imagine everyone who was at school participating in this event was dancing to this song. Ahhhhh it was just So. Much. FUN!!!!!!!!!!
*I will blog more about the event later this week, but this part of COTA needed its very own post!


  1. This looks like so much fun! And another song to make me happy!