Monday, April 17, 2017

The Birthday Coat was Almost an Unhappy Accident

Here is the true story of this painted leather jacket.  A few years ago, I found a long leather coat at Goodwill. I was not looking for a long leather coat.  When I saw it, it said, "Take me home."  So, I paid $25.00 and took it home.  I thought that my daughter might enjoy it.  She likes coats.  She likes leather.  
The problem?  Well, I had this idea that I should paint it. It is like I got Bob Ross over my shoulder saying, "Let's get a little crazy here.  There are no mistakes, just happy accidents."  I tell you, for 2 years, I thought the leather jacket was a straight-up unhappy accident.  Oh boy.
Then, as always, I took it to school.  I asked my friend, Laura Harrison, "Do you think we can paint it?"  So, she says, "Yeah." We start painting the coat.  Well, at some point, Laura leaves me alone with the coat.  I decided that I will paint the lining.  Painting the lining was a big mistake on so many levels.  It looks weird.  The paint cracked.  Once again, Laura has the opportunity to tell me that I had leaped into something without thinking.  Yeah, I am so impulsive.  So, the jacket hangs behind the closet door in my closet for 2 years.
In March, I was doing a little spring cleaning in my closet.  I see the leather coat.  I decide that I am going to attempt to get the lining replaced.  I totally remove the lining.  I take the coat and lining to a lady.  She charges me $20 to replace lining.
Once again, I am in business.  I begin painting.  I paint day and night.  I paint things that my doctor student daughter loves on the coat.  I wrap the coat up.  I say, "Happy Birthday!" My daughter likes the coat.  
Have a look!
I am gonna end with Pearl Jam's song, "Present Tense."  Last year, we got my daughter tickets to see Pearl Jam on her birthday.  Well, before we went, I tweeted to Pearl Jam to play "Present Tense".  They never play the song at concerts.  Well, guess what?  They did!  Eddie actually said, "We don't play this song much..."  So cool.



  1. LOVE this! May I ask what kind of paint you used this time...that didn't crack?? THANK YOU!!!

  2. You be so amazing girl!!! I love that coat!!!