Friday, November 20, 2020

Tom Turkey Disguised as Covid-19, an Atlanta Brave, and An Art Teacher in an Ed Heck mask at Buc-ee's!

Every year, our Kindergarten students are given a turkey.  Click HERE for Previous Tom Turkey Post!  They take the turkey home and decorate it.  Uh, let me rephrase this...They take the turkey home and the parents decorate it.  😁 I had to snap some photos and share with you.  I always enjoy seeing these turkeys. 

Here is the sign hanging by the Turkeys:

Covid-19 Turkey

Spiderman Turkey

Hunting Turkey

Westfield Cheer Turkey

Fairy Turkey-Maybe Tooth Fairy Turkey?

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Turkey

Unicorn Turkey

Atlanta Braves Turkey

Art Teacher FAV, a Crayon Turkey

Princess Turkey

Westfield Cheer Turkey

Gymnastics Turkey

Air Force Turkey

Mario Turkey

Star Wars Turkey

Mickey Turkey

Policeman Turkey

Football Turkey

Mermaid Turkey

Ballerina Turkey

Hippie Turkey

Princess Turkey

Sheriff Turkey

Hunting Turkey

Mermaid Turkey

1965 Turkey with an Ed Heck The World of Ed Heck Mask on at Buc-ee's the first day it opened in Georgia!  I had not planned on going to Buc-ee's the first day it opened, but I was riding down I-75 and thought, why not?  
A friend of mine said it was like Bass Pro and Sam's Club had a baby and named it Buc-ee's.  I think that description pretty much sums it up.
I think that I was a BIG Turkey yesterday and by stopping in on Buc-ee's on such first day madness that I have possibly attended a super spreader event.
Hope my Ed Heck mask Click HERE for Ed Heck mask did the job!

💓, 1965

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