Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Distant Learning - Choice Board Week 6: Self Portraits "Quaranthings"

I was recently on the blog and noticed lots of traffic from our choice boards, so I thought I would post a few more from our Spring Quarantine.These are inspired by George Segal and adapted by art teacher, Libby Beaty.The at home students were asked to surround themselves with items that have been important to them during the Quarantine an their online learning.
To learn more about George Segal, check out the link below:
His works were often inspired by personal experiences, and Segal, a frequent commuter between New Jersey and New York, emphasized the themes of travel and people in transition. This subject may also be seen as an allegory for change or a metamorphosis from one condition to another.

 AS of now at my school we are teaching a CVC model along with Face to Face.
I am online a good bit, but thought someone else might benefit from seeing this lesson. Hope this inspires you!


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