Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Art Fairy Sprinkles Rocks, Not Fairy Dust!

The area that the art fairy sprinkled her fairy dust at Westfield was where the teachers sit during recess.  The area that the teachers sit is also known as teacher territory.

First, the kids painted a lot of rocks.  The art fairy saw the rocks in Mrs. Ray's room.  Mrs. Ray did not appear to have a plan, but the art fairy did.
  So one sunny Saturday, the art fairy began her project.  She painted the benches pretty colors.  One bench was in the style of Keith Haring.  The other bench was in the style of James Rizzi.  

Have a look!

The Art Fairy liked the painted benches, but there was still something missing.  She decided to get the rocks that the kids had painted and put around the roots between the benches.
She cleaned up the area real good.
Then, she began putting the rocks down in the dirt.
Once the rocks were down, she sprinkled polymeric sand.  Then, she lightly blew the polymeric sand off the rocks with a blower.  To finish the project, she wet the rocks and polymeric sand with water.
Have a look at what a little fairy dust will do!
I love this song.  


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