Thursday, August 24, 2017

Lighting the Fire with Phyl's Toothpaste Batik!

Do ya'll know Phyl or Phyllis Levine Brown?  Well, we do.  You know how?  We met Phyl because of this blog.  We started the blog in 2010.  Phyl was so encouraging 💟 in her comments on the blog.  We kept up with Phyl through social media.  Finally, we met Phyl at NAEA in New York City.  Phyl was the hip gal in line with the purple hair.  I mean, how could you miss this cool ✌ lady?
Anyway, we managed to get to Phyl's "packed out" session on toothpaste batik.  Seriously, Phyl should have a crown made that says, "Toothpaste Batik Queen".  For all of Phyl's fabulous 💜 posts on toothpaste batik, click HERE.

After the Phyl's workshop, I decided to try the toothpaste batik method.  As I sometimes do, I changed up the project.  I decided to try toothpaste batik on watercolor paper.  

My Directions:

I got some $1 Pepsodent Toothpaste at The Dollar Tree.
I got these bottles at Dollar Tree.  I should not have because they dang sure did not work.
I mixed 50/50 Pepsodent and Aloe Soap.  Guess what?  I should have bought lotion and not soap.  Dog!  I send Phyl a message and she said go for it.  I decided to just go back and buy the lotion.  I did not want to knowingly mess the project up.
I went back to Dollar Tree and got LOTION.  Also, I decided to use my tie dye bottles instead of the dumb Dollar Tree bottles.
I squeezed out a design. Once the design was dry, I began painting with tempera.  (Not washable tempera)
We let the paint dry for a few days.  Then, we went outside and washed the art.  If you use watercolor paper, it will be okay.  Do not rub it too hard.  Honestly, Phyl's fabric was much better.  Some people, like myself, tend to be a little too curious.
See results below:
Check out William's art.  Does it remind you of anything?  Think Breakfast.  Bacon and Eggs!
If you want to do this right, head to Phyl's awesome blog.  Click here to see Phyl's Batik Directions.
Thanks to Phyl for inspiring this blog post.  And thanks to Phyl for inspiring all the art teachers out there!  Phyl, you have made a big difference in art education.  You have positively impacted so many teachers.  With your influence, the teachers have passed on the passion to the kids.  Phyl, you have a fire for art education like Jim Morrison had a fire for music.  Hey, Phyl saw Jim Morrison in concert back in the day.  She was Baby Phyl.  The Soul Sisters Love YOU, Phyl!  Thanks for passing on your spark to us!


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