Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Pretty Lily...Pads

Monet's Lilies made it to Perry, Georgia.  In July, I visited Giverny.  For the post on my trip to Giverny, click HERE.  I was inspired by Monet and I passed on my excitement on to the students.  During the first few weeks of school, I introduced the 8th grade students to Monet.  I showed the them following video.  We watched and painted for 5 days.  I have hung the artwork in the hall and the comments have been so positive.  I am very proud of my 8th graders for such an outstanding effort on a project.  

The video we watched:

The art the kids produced:

Lily pads appear to float atop the water, but the stem that they are attached to may extend many feet down to the bottom of a pond or lake, where it takes root.  Yep, lily pads are not what they seem.  Honestly, same goes for people.  We only see the surface, but when we dive in the pond with them, we see the roots...and the roots are a complex mass of mess...just like the roots that are attached to our pretty lily pads....Do not be fooled by the surface you see...Life is not one big, pretty lily pad.

One of my favs.  Modest Mouse and "Float On".


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  2. Love these and am going to copy your idea 'cause you know, I went to Paris and Giverny, too! Tuesday I start teaching Art 1 and 2 up in our upper school. That means I will have 1-12 grades. Help! The board president at my school said they could not find an art teacher anywhere because they waited too late to start looking. So teaching mornings at elementary and afternoons at middle/highschool. I haven't taught secondary since 1980 and I'm an old lady now! Lol! Heaven help me! I will keep reading your blog for ideas!

  3. hahahahaha! Dorinda, you will rock it! I have taught 1-12 and it is a big age difference. The high school students are so much easier to manage. They tend to come and in get in the groove. Elementary and middle, Lord Have MERCY! Good Luck! I know you will do a super job! Thanks for stopping by the blog! KR