Monday, August 7, 2017

Mini White Paper Sculptures

  I was inspired by this photo from Pinterest which lead me to share this post. Students were given paper to manipulate using the materials at hand to transform them into different textures.
  Students were given few ideas about cutting, folding and scrunching and providing students with hole punches, fancy scissors and shredded paper pieces, from this point their imaginations kicked in and they were able to think outside the box. The results were very inspiring for me to watch unfold.
I really liked only using white paper it really allows you to see all the textures.
 This might make a great first week of school lesson on one of those short days for special assemblies or convocations.  - 1969

A great place to find other examples on this lesson is located on this blog:

Don't know why I chose this song, but I did...I guess this school year I will be missing the 2017 seniors and my 2017 8th grade class...

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