Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I love this DOG GONE ART!

I taught this lesson like 5 years ago. The art was so cool that I wanted to post now. I found the photos in a file that I had forgotten that I had on a flash drive that had been misplaced. Each student was instructed to create an animal. These animals just happened to all be dogs. They sketched them out on 12x18 paper. Added details to them and began to use tempera paint. Ooooo La La, what really way super cool finished pieces of art!

Our pets are on my mind as Daughter leaves for college as a freshman. (8 hours away) Is she ready? Absolutely! She does love her animals. Lots of extra hugs and kisses this week were given to Frida Catlo, PiCatso, Roy and Georgia. Yep, all have artist names ;) My heart is full! 1969

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