Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Month of Howard Finster Angels

5th Grade spent a month painting these angels.  This project was one of my very favorite ever.  I love Howard Finster.  I love folk art.  I love these 5th Graders!
The kids spent a lot of time drawing the angels.
I talked guided them by placing the same size paper as they were using on the board.  I threw one of Howard's Angels up on the screen.  I showed them using a ruler where to put the head, the body, and the hands by using measurements.  They placed hash marks to note the location of each major body part on their paper.  I really think this helped better the results.
We drew.
We painted.  They did mix their own colors for some parts of the angels.
We outlined.
We touched up.
Oh boy, check out these amazing angels.

We have posted many times on Howard Finster.  Have a look HERE!
Howard Finster was a preacher man hence the following song by Aretha Franklin.  Great gospel version, here.  Wowzy.


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