Monday, May 2, 2016

Stressed Out, Stella!

Final exams are right around the corner.  To give the kids a little "stress relief", I came up with this Frank Stella Project.  Have a peek below!
I came across some of Stella's sculptures and thought it would be possible for my 8th graders to pull this off with ease.  Guess what?  I think they most certainly did.

Show this Frank Stella Video Click here for video. (about 3:00)
On a base sheet of paper (18 x 24"), kids paint a background.
Then, the kids will use another sheet of paper (18 x 24") to paint the foreground that will eventually be cut out.
Kids will cut out the shapes painted on the foreground paper.
Kids with attach the foam to the back of the foreground paper with a glue gun.
Kids will use hot glue to attach the foam to the original background paper.
I love this colorful project. 

Ending the Stella Post with "Stressed Out" by Twenty One Pilots, an 8th Grade favorite.


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