Friday, May 13, 2016

Fused Glass with MiDdlE sChOoL

We have posted on fused glass before. Click below for the link and more details:
These were made by 7th and 8th grade students on our enrichment wheel. It was an easy one day lesson where the kids learned the basic terms of glass fusing and the use of the glass kiln.

We fuse our glass pendants at R3 no hold in a glass kiln.
Take them out and get the kiln wash off with sponges and water. Sometimes we have to resort to a toothbrush for extra scrubbing.

We use the glass grinder to smooth out the edges. Let dry and use E6000 to add jewelry findings.
This prepares middle school kids for the glass media lesson in Upper School.
How I keep them organized going in and out of glass kiln. It is plain donated white mat board. This allows me to make  a diagram as I load kiln and number the pieces to make sure each child gets their correct one back.
One of my favorite lessons to teach because everyone is successful.
Have you ever dabbled in glass? If not, give it a will LOVE it!

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