Friday, May 20, 2016

Emoji + Batik = Groovy Grins

My third graders asked to do Emoji art a few weeks ago.  Uh, this week is the last week of school.  Of course, I want to make their emoji dreams come true so I came up with this project last minute.  The Emoji Batik project was a lot of fun.  The kids were very excited with the results.

Give the kids a copy of the face Emojis.
Have kids trace a circle with a black oil pastel using a roll of tape as the tracer on thick watercolor paper.
Then, kids need to pencil in the features on the Emoji face.

Once they get the face done in pencil, they need to go over the facial expressions with a marker.  Just trust me on this.
When they have got the facial expressions done with sharpie, they need to use an oil pastel and color in the face.  Tell them that they cannot get the oil pastel on the marker or the facial expressions.

After they have filled in the face with oil pastel, they need to complete the Emoji face with oil pastels. 
Once the Emjoi face is filled in with oil pastels, they need to put random oil pastel colors in the corner of the paper.  I told the kids to leave some white space.

Now, we just apply watered down tempera around the face.  DO NOT cover the face with black tempera.  Also, do not wrinkle the paper like you do with lots of batik activities.

When the black painting is complete, take the Emojis to the sink and wash only where the black paint has been placed.  I used a big paintbrush and gently scrubbed the edges.  I tried to keep water off of the face.  Of course, some water will get on the face, but that will be okay.

Great song by Wet Willie covering lots of emotions, "Keep On Smiling."

Easy to smile tonight, it is the last day of school tomorrow.

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