Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Art + Spanish = Fun with Cinco de Mayo

We have posted on Arts Integration before with Spanish in the link below:
I have decided the key to great collaboration is communication. This lesson just kind of evolved into something that the whole middle school could get involved with...and I wish you all could have heard the laughter. I worked with 7th grade and 8th grade Spanish teachers to complete these art tasks.
Like I have mentioned in many other post we are trying to vertically and horizontally align curriculum in a fun hands on way that is meaningful to the students (and exciting to teach for me) If you are excited, the kids will buy in and help make it a successful lesson that they will remember for years to come.
In this lesson, we decided the kids could make individual sombreros. I had specific guidelines.
Kids had to cut out their own hat. Use 3 different mediums and 5 different types of lines. This was just a recap on some of the Elements and Principles that we have been discussing in class. Yes, in the art room, we have organized chaos but lots of hands on learning takes place in a healthy environment for everyone.
Spanish teachers helped get the kids to tell them what the teachers say all the time in and out of class. Had their students write the sentence in the bubble in Spanish. They also printed out the faculty and staff photos from the Maclay Middle School database.
In Art class, we designed the hats and assembled the photos, word bubbles and attached yarn.
This was a huge hit as everyone was involved and the kids had many comments about the whole project! Lots of conversations were held about these beauties hanging up in our middle school.
Kathy, this cracks me up!!!! Appreciate you guiding us all on the UBD course and helping us Integrate all subjects cross-curricular. Not sure how we will top this lesson, but I got all summer to think on it ;)
Thanks, Les for being a part of our reindeer games on this lesson! We appreciate it! I do LOVE Officer Mitchell's...reminds me of TV episode from the early 1980's. I giggle every time I walk by it.
We have PE, Science, Math, Guidance, Drama, History on this wall!
There are six powerful reasons for integrating the arts into the daily curriculum:
1. The arts make content more accessible.
2. The arts encourage joyful, active learning.
3. The arts help students make and express personal connections to content.
4. The arts help children understand and express abstract concepts.
5. The arts stimulate higher-level thinking.
6. The arts build community and help children develop collaborative work skills.
No other words needed other than that Mrs. Ashcroft is definitely....#THEBOMBDIGGITY
Did I mention even Susan got it on the fun of helping us hang these jewels. She is such an awesome masking TaPeR! Gotta LOVE her... always willing to lend a helping hand.
Wowzy, Ann is sporting a cleverly designed hat.  Loving the warm colors!
We hung them up outside the classrooms where there is a lot of traffic during the day.
Look at those patterns on this sombrero. Looking good there, Cindy!
Coach Hunter...Yep, "Come on boys lets play some defense..." Just for giggles...did you guys know that Coach Hunter was known as "Dr. Crush" at Westfield High School during his football career. =)
We are protected by Officer Mitchell on campus! He is such a good sport! He just laughed today when he saw his way super cool hat.
We are kicking off Cinco de Mayo with some Arts Integration involving the whole Maclay Middle School faculty and staff!
Thanks, Maggie for wanting to collaborate - I am thinking paper mache maracas for next year! Whoop Whoop already thinking about 2016-2017 lessons.

I ran across these 2 articles on the internet, check them out when you have time:


Apparently, I say, "Bye Y'all" at the end of each class...so Bye Y'all for now until my next post! Thanks for dropping by and for checking out our Art Ed Blog!

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