Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ron Magnes Style Pizza With the Works

Ever heard of Ron Magnes?  Well, the fourth graders at The Westfield School in Perry, Georgia, now have!  Here is an awesome slice of pizza based on Ron's work.

I shared a little information about Ron Magnes to the fourth graders.  Ron is an illustrator and animator from Pittsburgh.  He does some really cool stuff.  For more information, click HERE!
Week 1-Kids drew their pizza slices with toppings.
Week 2-Kids painted their pizza slices and toppings. 
Week 3-Kids spent a few minutes outlining their art so their toppings would pop out.
Love these slices of pizza!

Check out this way cool piece of Ron Magnes Art.  "70 Illustrated Beatles' Song Titles" is a piece of digital work that has colors ranging from black to white and incorporates the Beatles, music, and "rock and roll" in the art.
I see strawberries in the painting.  Here's The Beatles singing "Strawberry Fields Forever".



  1. Such a great lesson!!!
    I checked out his site - his work looks like a mixture of Lichtenstein and Burton Morris.
    I definitely will try this one in one of my groups, thank you both for publishing!

  2. You are welcome. It if fun to show our students work and connect with artist and educators through our art ed blog. Appreciate you dropping by!

  3. Love this idea. I am going to try something very similar with my group tomorrow.
    Thank you for sharing