Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mosaic Valentine's Day Art Project

Yes, the kids were required to chop up their art to make this heart. 
I did not start off with this project in my head, but this is where we ended up.  
Honestly, I was not happy with the first "Matisse Style" cut out art.  They looked unfinished.  So, I had an idea.  I pitched the idea to the kids.  With a little discussion, they decided to plunge in a new direction with their Matisse cut outs.
Here is the end result.

For the first class period, I talked about Henri Matisse.  I explained how he used cut-outs in his later years. 
The kids made "Matisse Style" cut-outs.

For the next class period, I showed them Matisse's heart below.
I told them that they had to cut a heart that shape out of a construction paper of their choice.
Some students struggled with this, but eventually all the students were able to cut a Matisse shaped heart.

Once we got the "base" heart cut out, the kids had to chop their art from last week into squares or rectangles.  I told them they had to glue the squares/rectangles on the paper and they could not touch each other.
Once the shock of chopping up art was over, the kids pretty much rocked the project.




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