Monday, February 22, 2016

Elisabeth Gross-Marks Collages

Who is Elisabeth Gross-Marks?
Artist Statement-
 I was born in Germany where I studied art in Munich and Berlin. I received a scholarship for a stay in Paris from Berlin's Academy of Art. I had shows in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. I moved to Ithaca in 1989, where I am working as a professional artist and a private art teacher. Since 1990, I am a member of the State of the Art Gallery, where I participate in all member shows and where I show a new piece of art monthly. I have had shows in Corning, Binghamton and some two person shows in Ithaca. Many of my paintings are in private collections in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the USA.
I really enjoyed looking at Elisabeth Gross-Marks' work.  The latest works are so colorful and fun.  I chose a collage type activity to do with my middle school students.  The results were amazing.
If you are interested in doing a cool collage, look up artist Elisabeth Gross-Marks on her blog at Elisabeth Gross-Marks.
For additional information, click Elisabeth Gross-Marks bio.
Below is the sample work done by middle school students in 3 days.
1-Show the video below to introduce Elisabeth Gross-Marks' work.

 2-Kids painted the background in a random fashion with Gouache.
3-Kids glued on sheets of tissue paper.
4-Kids put a layer of Modge Podge over the entire work of art.
5-Kids stamped on their artwork with acrylic paint.
The Elisabeth Gross-Mark Collage project was a huge success! 

Here's what Elisabeth Gross-Marks (above) says about her work, "I have an inner picture that is like a kaleidoscope of bright colors that I am chasing after, seeking order in the abundance of possibilities, allowing myself to create exuberance and excitement. After having painted abstracts for many years, I started doing collages, using all kinds of papers, fabrics, ribbons and shapes."

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