Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Explore and Rock and Roll ARTISTS

Have you ever thought about how many musicians also draw, paint, and make art? 

So many rock stars are amazing visual artists.  A few weeks ago, The Westfield School, in Perry, Georgia, decided to do a program called "Explore".  Explore is a program set aside for 40 minutes daily for a week to teach the students about random subjects.  Teachers were encouraged to participate.  We were challenged to choose interesting topics, that we were well versed in, to share with the kids.  The topics included were cupcake making, grilling, juggling, photography, doodling, yoga, and others.  I chose to do art and music. 

So, why did I choose art and music?  They are my favorite things.  After going to Seattle, Washington, I became aware that Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain both had art talent.  Seattle Trip Link  I decided to look into other artists that also were talented in music and art.  As I researched, there were many out there.

When challenged to find something to teach for the week of Explore, I attempted to intertwine music and art.  In this way, I could share music and art to the middle and high school students.  They were able to explore and make connections between these two highly creative areas.

On the first day, I introduced the musicians that did visual art with a PowerPoint.  I served popcorn and coke.  Also, I used my loud and excited teacher voice to share my love of my Explore topic with the kids.  The PowerPoint is below.

On the second day, I pitched the project.  We were going to do stencils on vinyl records.  The kids were pretty pumped about this opportunity.  We chose the base color of spray paint and went out for our first spray session.  Spray painting is always a hit!
On the third day, many students chose to use blue painter's tape to make patterns on their vinyl records.  Once again, we went out to spray paint.  After spray painting, We glued our stencils to a piece of construction paper for stability.  Then, we began cutting our stencils.

On the fourth day, we were still cutting our stencils.

On the fifth and last day, we sprayed our stencils on vinyl for our final artwork.

Explore was a great opportunity for me to interact with students that I do not normally interact with on a daily basis.  Also, I also had to do a bit of research and learn some more information about a subject that I find interesting.  After talking with kids participating in the various Explore classes, it seemed apparent that Explore was a success.  The bottom line is that school is for kids (Like the candy bar Twix).  I am glad that our teachers welcomed the opportunity to learn, teach, and share things that we love to our student body.  I think that when kids see that teachers in a lighter way, the heavy is not so heavy.  Life is about building relationships with people.  Teaching is about building relationships with kids.  Teaching is definitely more than, "Get our your book and turn to page 213."  Teaching is making the kids part of your book and letting the kids know that there is a chapter reserved just for them...or maybe just a page ;)

Pink Floyd sang it best in 1979 when I was a 14 year old kid, and I tell you, 'Teachers, do not be "Another Brick in the Wall"'.


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