Friday, February 5, 2016

Art Elements and Character Education

How can we promote good Character in our school in an Art Elective class? I had this idea the other day. I always have early finishers. So, in between a Clay Face Jug Unit here and a Paper Mache Mask Unit here. I had a table set up for kids to help with these texture rubbings. I tried to think outside the box and make a connection with Texture and Character Education Words. This 15 to 20 minute down time before the next studio project can be tricky. I like to use it to help with school wide projects. We have done posters for Positively Post It to helping create signs for a sporting event.

I printed the Character Education words out on copy paper. Had texture templates for kids to use. We chose only blue'ish themed colors to go along with our school's hashtag for the year #TRUEBLUEMACLAY. This was a great lesson to just interact with the kids.

I try to sit down with the kids on occasion and we will discuss issues that come up. You all know how art classes just get relaxed and REALLY talk. This particular lesson brought about a ton of information on social media. What to and not to post. What to like and not like and what to share and not share. The Arts are a great way to send a message and help offer guidance in an informal way to students. My brain is twirling thinking of other ways to incorporate the character education words. This made a super cute bulletin board with a message that packed a punch!


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