Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turkeys not in the STRAW!

What better for a Thanksgiving blog post than a bunch of art from my third grade turkeys?  Third Grade did these turkeys a few weeks ago.  Seriously, they are full of strut.  Look and see for yourself.

Turkey 1
This turkey loves the mountains.  When JB was doing the turkey, he drew a sharpie line across the turkey's face.  What did he do to fix his problem?  He put a baseball cap on the turkey's head.  Is that problem solving or what?  I mean every turkey that hikes across the Appalachian Trail needs a ball cap!

Turkey 2
This turkey knows it is Thanksgiving.  He was in the truck below.  When the truck pulled up to get gas, he jumped out and started running.  He only has three feathers.  They all got caught in the roll-up door on the back of the truck.  Eek!

Turkey 3
The turkey below is in Ireland.  She is looking for the pot of gold.  She found the rainbow, but still no luck finding the gold.

Turkey 4
Do you see how big and fat this turkey is?  Well, he has been skipping his Weight Watchers meetings quite often. 

Turkey 5
AK's "girlie" turkey has on a beautiful red pearl necklace from Tiffany's.  Also, she is pretty stuffed.  She must like the breakfast at Tiffany's, too.

Turkey 6
Flint's turkey is standing on a tree limb.  He is looking for a place to roost high up in the tree.  He thinks that a high spot in the tree will protect him because he heard that Wile E. Coyote has been reading up on turkey hunting.  Turkeys have to watch out for predators. 

Turkey 7
Bree's turkey has small feet like Loretta Lynn.  Loretta wears a size 6!  Loretta loves to hang out with Bree's turkey.  They are btff (best turkey friends forever) because Loretta has small feet just like this turkey.  They can share shoes or sometimes even boots!

Turkey 8
Elle's turkey appears to be confused.  She thinks it is Halloween.  She put on all her orange feathers for the occasion.

Turkey 9
Wow, Daniel's turkey appears to have got into Grandma's eggnog.  Oh my, get that turkey some Alka-Seltzer, a big bottle of Smart Water, maybe a Bloody Mary, and a greazy breakfast.

Turkey 10
Lyla's turkey has been squishing grapes with Lucy.  Look at all the purple tracks on her paper. 

Turkey 11
Kyla's turkey is at the beach.  She told me so. 

The turkeys below are on the beach, too.  After escaping from the turkey farmer, the turkeys enjoy the warm sun and a day at the beach. 



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