Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Different Perspectives on Trees - Artist, Tim Lam of Hong Kong

I ran across these Tim Lam trees on Etsy the other day. See link below:

About Tim Lam - Paint free, looking for perfect

I am very serious to each artwork. Every inch of canvas is examined with great care and edited for many times. My inspiration comes from my observations to the nature and the study of great masters of the past. Tim is an international renowned artist from Hong Kong, who was a designer, major Fine Art (BA, Hon) in college. Later a full time artist, has sold thousands artwork worldwide. 

I liked Tim's art so much, I decided to take a whirl at his style with my middle school students. These outcomes were great. The perspectives turned out way better that I expected. I love his style and was glad to be able to share a current artist with my students. Each piece was so unique. I could have posted like 30 of these, but I tried to show the variety that was inspired by Tim Lam!

1969 - take a spin at this lesson. It was super fun to teach!

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