Monday, November 23, 2015

Cathy's Cross Curricular Leaves (Maclay's Lower School Art Teacher)

These were just too cool not to share on the blog. Cathy, lower school art teacher, worked with 4th grade on a cross curricular unit that involved the study of leaves for the state of Florida. The kids study the lesson in class. Went to art and were able to create the leaves in clay using white low fire clay and Stroke n Coat green glazes. The leaves were bone dry and place in the kiln at 04 to bisque on a slow  firing as to not have them crack. Then glazed and placed back in the kiln at 06 for a fast firing to have the completed look in the photos you see above. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am very grateful for my Visuals Arts Team at Maclay. Kyle, upper school art teacher, and Cathy are the easiest and most motivated folks to work with...ahhhh it makes going to work fun and inspiring. We are all 3 always looking for different ways to get our students involved in the community. In fact this fall, we have all participated in a online digital photography class for one of our professional development goals. Yes, we are all growing along with our students. Happy Thanksgiving week. 
- 1969

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