Friday, November 13, 2015

7 Days Of Local Delights (Maclay School)

This is a week long celebration of local food. Click below for the detail of the events for the 7 days.
The Seven Days of Local Delights celebration, hosted by the Red Hills Small Farm Alliance, it highlighted locally grown and produced food all week long.
Want to learn more? check this out 

I am proud to say that Maclay School was able to participate in this event with the help of 2 sisters (Mary Byrd Sims and Cameron Barton) Between the 3 of us we had Art Club, Middle School Art Classes, 5th grade and Middle School Science classes involved in this event. Wow, what an educational experience for all involved. Looking forward to participating next year too! 

From the pictures you can tell that we used cross curricular measures and made table decorations, ornaments, banners, canvas paintings, dish towels. On the websites above you are just a click away from seeing all the possibilities of lessons that were taught. Love being involved with community.


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