Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Grass Heads

Grass Heads?

Here ya go...

1-Get a knee high stocking

2-Put grass seed in the knee high stocking 

It looks like this when you fill it up.

Then, paint the knee-high stockings with grass seeds.
You can put some google eyes on grass heads.
Water them daily.


This was a fun project, but it was a lot of work. 



  1. I am so making me a grass head!!!!
    If I didn't have 500 students I'd make them in the art room, but I'll make one and we can all watch it. I LOVE THEM!! You just ain't right, you know that, Barney?

  2. yeppers...aunt bee told me that a long time ago...and always...thanks for your thots and comments artteachergirl vicki with an i!

  3. it sure is nice working with an artsy person - perhaps after 26 more years, some of that creativity will get into my head . . . but I doubt it!

  4. OH MY are not a blog stalker any are a comment-or!!!! Wahooooooo...a shout out just for you from down here in Tally!