Thursday, April 22, 2010

abcdefg hijklmnop qrs tuv w x y and z

by karen #1965 third grade teacher for Christmas, my friend gave me a wall hanging with the word "friends" made with photos that resemble letters on it...also it had a quote...check it out...i bet you want your friend to give you some art like this...
here is the quote...

...i course...i had to investigate and tell all of you about may wanna get a friend one...or i may get my #1969 sister one for her birthday. ...

alphabet photography - the brainchild of Canadian photographer jennifer blakeley - is the creative process of photographing images that resemble letters of the English alphabet, then arranging the photographs together to create a name or word...inspired by the children’s book “alphabet city,” blakeley traveled across Canada taking photos of objects and scenery that resemble letters of the English alphabet and has now turned those photos into an amazing online business known as alphabet photography inc... 
Here is the book that provided the inspiration...hey...artists always gotta get inspired somewhere...
 blakeley develops the photos in sepia tone and customizes the photographs to spell names and words that are special to each individual customer - creating alphabet art...the letter art business, in which blakeley is partnered with her husband sam blakeley and friend miriam laundry, functions primarily online - allowing customers to mix and match the alphabet photos to create any name or see how all this works, head to the website...
Alphabet Photography by Jennifer Blakeley
There are other companies that also do this type of work...
Letter Perspectives
Alphabet Pix
Sticks and Stones
Krista's Creations
Now, i would love to do this activity...with kids...but i teach regular ed 3rd grade and i just don't think it would work too groovy...but, it you teach art and maybe middle or high school...i think it is very could be a group activity...or maybe on campus should give it a try...could title it "campus alphabet"...

you gotta see this google earth this is the is by thomas de bruin...look here...some alphabet in your earth...on earth!
how about some lyrics from EARTH, wind, and fire?..1981...

Let's groove tonight
share the spice of life

baby slice it right
we're gonna groove tonight

Let this groove, light up your fuse, its alright, alright, alright
Let this groove set in your shoes
So stand up, alright, alright

EARTH, wind, and fire singing "let's groove"

happy april 22, day!


  1. You could too do this with your 3rd grade class!
    Example spell Science words this way...find the letters in magazine pics. A stretch but...could do! Love the post!

  2. yeah artteacher girl...i could...i must have been being a little negative nellie yesterday!..thanks for the comments!