Sunday, April 25, 2010

Elephants! (Getting Ready for the Kindergarten Circus!)

The visuals say it on with these elephants! They are so super cute! They turned out pretty large! Yep, they measure like 20+ inches vertically and horizontally. These kids cracked me up by the way they would glue it all together making a master piece! When we started to add detail....the pink painted ears and marker colored eyes turned out hilarious....these were a hoot to make (Yep, folks....a hoot- kinda like a CHI Omega HOOT!!!). I must confess that I had 2 projects going at one time. I let - like 4 kids create their individual elephant at a different table. Over the years, I have found that this is better especially when it will be the backdrop for the Kindergarten Musical. The other students were hard at work on another art project that I will post at a later date! So, for now...enjoy these!  

As for 1965's post on our Facebook Fan Page (Like Page) ...if ya don't know what I am talking about - click the FB Fan page up at the right and check it out. We agree that color does look better on toes! So, here are our latest "toe color designs" for 1969 and 1969's daughter - LOL!!!

Hope yall are having a fabulous weekend! xox, Kim 1969
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