Friday, April 23, 2010

The Art of Thierry Noir (Berlin Wall Art...Funky Graffiti People)

The art of Thierry Noir...found this dude on this art education blog...check it out - Kids Artist.Thierry Noir wrote the story of the Berlin Wall to read it! I had never heard of him and I am so thankful that I ran across a post about him on a blog that I follow! Check out this blog out, super cool stuff going on there! Thanks, JACQUELIEN!

Date of Birth
3 June 1958Lyon, France

Mini Biography
Thierry Noir is the man to whom we owe the longest concrete painting in the world. His paintings, with their bright colors and their melancholy poetry, represent nowadays the art of the Berlin wall. His wall works survived longer than all the others even after the fall of the wall in 1989. Thierry Noir was born in 1958 in Lyon, France. He came to Berlin in January of 1982 with two small suitcases, attracted by the music of David Bowie and Iggy Pop, who lived in West-Berlin at this time. From April 1984, he and Christophe Bouchet started to paint the Berlin wall. As the years went by, the paintings took on phenomenal proportions which were rapidly recognised by the international arts community. The object was not to embelish the wall but to demystify it. The paintings of Thierry Noir became a symbol of new found freedom after the reunification of Germany and the end of the cold war.

This lesson was really easy to teach. We used 9 x 12 white drawing paper and I showed a few YouTube clips on Noir. The kids had a blast with this lesson! Tons of cross curricular information for older students! Noir on YouTube, Click here for link. Go to Thierry Noir Gallery to see more examples of his work! They are so fun and spring like with the bright - bold colors!

Happy Friday, xoxo --- Kim, 1969

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  1. Thanks a lot for using my lesson! The results are great, and the lesson is realy fun.
    On the 2nd of May I'm going to visit Berlin againt. I'm sure I will look with different eyes to that wall now!