Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Friday, May 5, 2017

Do you want to SEE my SEA Turtles?

How great are these sea turtles?  I snagged this idea from Kristin Thomas' blog For the Love of Art.  Click HERE for her post!  She had pretty awesome directions and fabulous results.  Thanks for the inspiration, Kristin!
Kids used one class period to draw their turtles.  I told them that the turtle must each side of the 4 sides of the paper.  I did not want mini turtles.
Kids filled in parts of the turtles.  I told them to leave some white because we were using watercolor to fill in spots.
The kids watercolored and put salt down on the wet watercolor paint.
The paint bubbled up and the kids loved it.
Have a lookie-
Sea turtles got me thinking beach.  I found this cool 1964 video.  The featured dancer is Toni Basil.  If you do not know about Toni, look her up.  She has done TONS!  She sang the hit song "Mickey" in 1981 when she was in her late 30s.  Seriously, cool gal.  

Hey, why not?  


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