Monday, September 27, 2021

Footed Clay Pinch Pots

Aren't these cute? Well, I decided since my art classes haven't really created with clay in over  1.5 years due to covid and the way my schedule has been set up that I would go back to a basic pinch pot lesson and see how it went. Kids nailed the lesson. My criteria was a pinch pot with some form of legs. No theme...I just wanted them to create. Glad my criteria wasn't too stringent. We had a variety of art pieces. Some had lids and legs. Some worked so fast that they wanted to design another one. I think this was a successful data collecting mission for me. So, yeah, my students are amazing and they just jumped right back into the groove of things! We are happy to be back in the art room. We were mobile last year on a cart but I was more like a bag mess express. This year is looking up and we are happy to be back playing our music and creating with our classmates!

Thanks for stopping by, 1969

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