Saturday, September 11, 2021

Clay Bobble Heads in 3D Art Class

Ok, so this was my first attempt at clay Bobble Heads with middle school! I do think they turned out awesome! My sister 1965 has blogged on them before Emoji Bobble Heads!  

Honestly, we didn't have a theme for the lesson. Each project just kind of morphed into it's own individual piece. I mentioned animals as an idea. I really didn't want to lock students into squashing their creative vibe, so you will see below...we have lots of inspirations. Will I teach this lesson again, Yup!

Well we had 2 pigs both with distinctive characteristics...Those eyes =) I had to chuckle as we were packing these up to send home and  the pigs were accidentally swapped. You just never know how students will handle this situation, I am glad that mine used humor and each pig went home with the rightful owner.

Below are some of the before (these were already bisqued) For bisque we fired on slow at 04 and held at .05. From greenware to bisque we placed in the kiln for firing. We used Stroke N Coat glaze and fired on fast at 06.

These are work in progress pictures. No, I am not neurotic about clean tables put a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for clay from me is these mats are great for more than one reason. Kids have a defined space to work on as they share the table space. They also have a boundary set for them as they work. Win / Win for all involved, but really it does cut down own table clean up time.

So, Pumba got a shout out on Maclay Fine Arts Social media. You see his head blew up in the first firing and student was determined to try again. Take 2 was awesome!
Things are not always perfect in my art room, but we try to use "pivots" as teachable moments. Believe Me, we use lots of humor. When I opened the kiln and saw the below, I didn't know whether to cry or laugh. I am just honest with kids. I try to be real. Kids need real. Students today deal with so much fake from social media to news. I was like straight up it happened. Here are our options - what cha thinkin'? It was a teachable moment I tell you. Nothing like pulling out a shop vac during planning to clean up the debris. At this point, I could write a book on the art room shenanigans.

I tell them all the time about air bubble and explosions. Once one explodes it is a chain reaction. Ya know, you just don't understand until you actually see it. Clay has a mind of its own. All good, we salvaged what we could and adapted the lesson.

Appreciate you stopping by to see what is going on. I looked on our stats on the blog for the first time in a long time and last month we had over 40,000 hits. Happy to be a resource for others. If you have a question, just drop us a comment and we will get back with you. I strongly suggest you give this lesson a was so much fun....quite the learning experience in more ways than one, Ha!

Creatively, 1969

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