Tuesday, February 25, 2020

St. Patrick's Day Art Project

We found a great resource on Teachers Pay Teachers. check it out at the link below:

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St. Patrick's Day STEM or STEAM Kaleidoscope Activity for Math and Art

Product Description
This activity may be set up as a classroom learning center, an activity for early finishers, or as a teacher led lesson illustrating radial symmetry.
Four lightly drawn drawing templates are provided. They are drawn in lightly as to not show through in the students' work. Three have shamrock designs and spacing guidelines to assist the students in starting their designs. One template has spacing guidelines only. This is in case you want the students to create the entire design themselves.
The designs may be created with pen, crayon, or marker.

How did this happen? Well, we have combined classes of 7th and 8th graders. Our 7th grade is currently on their field trip to Washington DC. So, my teacher friend Katie asked me to collaborate. This week on art + math unit just took on a life of its own as you can tell by the photos in this post. 

All hands in working!

Yes, we have this MEME thing going on with our kids....
See this link below for more details!

Yup, 1969's daughter turned 21 this past January! This photos was taken this past weekend at her Kappa Delta Mom's weekend.

💓, 1969

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