Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Jen Stark by 8th Grade

Jen Stark!  8th Grade did a fabulous job with this project.  It was an ordeal to keep up with each piece that was cut out, but we managed to do it!  


First, I talked about Jen Stark.
We posted on her recently.  Click HERE to see post!
Then, I showed them a few videos.
To see videos, click HERE and HERE and HERE.

To grasp the project, I had the kids watched the following Dick Blick video.

Once they understood the process, they got busy.  They did not use gem clips.  Also, they did not use the popsicle sticks.  We used foam stickers.  They worked great.  During each layer, we probably used 5 stickers.  So, we used a lot of foam stickers.  They were much better than popsicle stick mess.  The project would have been too heavy too hang on the walls.  The main thing was to keep up with all their paper until the project was done.  

Have a try!  It is fun!  I used lots of tape to display the artwork.


The 8th Graders took care of business on this project.
Elvis made necklaces for his employees with the letters TCB and a lightning bolt which meant Taking Care of Business in a Flash!  If interested in the details, click HERE!

Here's Bachman Turner Overdrive singin' "Takin' Care of Business"!



  1. I was either brave or crazy, but I did this with 4th and 5th graders. They loved it! It was challenging but very doable. I had them keep their designs simple and they were very successful.