Sunday, January 26, 2020

The Littlest Pumpkin (Collaboration Kindness, COTA CLASS)

Being in a school environment there is nothing better than having older kids work with younger kids. It is just good for all involved! In this blog post, we had our COTA CLASS students write short stories, poems, etc. about Kindness. Then the class emailed the PK-K Teachers to see if they would be able to come and read to their class.

COTA Class kids had to plan the lesson and that was so darn cute! See below for more details.

Once the story was shared, the students passed out ways to be kind that we had copied and placed on the tables for a short closure activity. This packet can be found on

Those smiles say it all!
Working on student guided activity.

The reading of the short story / poems.

Amazing to watch the middle school kids with the kindergarten class.
We cut these and left them for the class, so they could choose to share with others as a pass it on lesson. Make someone's day....Choose Kindness! They can be found here:

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