Friday, January 31, 2020

Heart Art with a Hidden Vanishing Point

LOvE color?  I do.  These hearts💜💛💚 really POP!  The project was done by 6th grade.  We used a variety of mediums on this project.  Also, I the vanishing point is hiding behind the heart💓.  Always good to sneak a little perspective in when you can!


The kids put a point on a piece of paper.
The kids drew lines outward from the vanishing point using a long ruler.

The kids drew hearts💗💙💚.
Once they got a heart💓 they were happy with, they traced it on another piece of paper and cut it out.

The kids painted.  We talked about blending paint.
The kids outlined with oil pastels.


I talked about us hiding the vanishing point.  Here's the Beatles singing about hiding your love.  Have a listen.


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