Thursday, May 9, 2019

Paper Mache Hearts

Everyone loves to paper mache! Don't you? Check out this blog post for a variety of hearts that have specific personality traits just like my students.


mat board
tempera paint
paint brushes
water bowls

No Endgame spoilers here, but this is a hoot!

Ran across this lesson on Teachers Pay Teachers
Here is another link to one of her lessons we have used:

Product Description from TPT:
This is a versatile, fun and easy paper mache project that can be adapted to any shape. This particular lesson plan focuses on hearts as a theme. Included in this 10 page product: 6 page lesson plan with step by step instructions with photos showing how to make paper mache heart pins, magnets, pendants and larger ornaments. Complete rubric with grading scale, a summarized step-by-step worksheet to give to students. (Very helpful for when a student missed the day you taught the lesson or to provide to a Sub), small and large heart shape pattern sheet, heart doodle sheet with over 35 inspiring heart doodle to help students design their pin, magnet, pin or larger ornament.
Additionally, the lesson plan includes a mini-lesson about the famous artist Jim Dine with suggestions and info for creating a PowerPoint presentation to go with it. Instructions for a "Mixed Media Heart Painting" lesson using cardboard, sharpies, foil, oil pastels and tempera.
2 lessons for the price of one as a special Valentines gift to you, my very valued customers!!
This is a fun year-round project. Great for Mothers Day and Christmas gift items or a fundraiser item!

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