Thursday, May 16, 2019

Acorns To Oaks (Wall Ball Wall - COTA Class)

Have you ever just thought it would be cool to make a hand print mural of an oak tree? Well, we did. In our COTA Class (Community Outreach Through The Arts) a group of 7th graders came up with a proposal. We made them write it up. Follow it through to get this project to take shape.

The following 9 weeks a group of 8th graders finished the final touches and saw it through to be hung up on the middle school black top. This project was student driven and approved by the administration. It goes along with our #truebluemaclay theme.

How did we do it?
Got a plan
Wrote a proposal
Followed up with Administration
Made a supply list
Came up with a budget
Used class time to create and clean up

Middle School kids loved getting their hands in paint - literally

Take a look, what do you think?

The old Wall Ball Wall on the middle school black top.

3 years ago we updated the Ball Wall to a tie dye theme with character education words on it. It was just solid green. An updated was needed.

Believe it or not, but yes the students created this theme on their own and collaborated it to its installation.

Making the news in middle school! Got to get that photo!

The 4 panels are rather large, but we would paint them outside on the picnic tables and prop up outside my classroom for them to dry.

We taught the kids about graphic enlargements. How to make our picture fit on the boards.
This project had many aspects to it from budgeting to big ideas and how to follow through until the end. Loved the way that it turned out!

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