Monday, May 20, 2019

First Grade Falls for Jeff Koons' Balloon Dogs!

First Grade loved drawing Balloon Dogs!  FIRST, I showed a little Jeff Koons' Art to the kids.  Then, we hopped into the project like a bunny!  (I'll talk about a bunny, later) 


The kids watched the following video.

The kids practiced drawing the balloon dogs. 

The kids painted their balloon dogs with liquid watercolors.

When the painting was dry, we outlined the doggies!


Did you hear that Jeff Koons' Rabbit Sculpture sold for $91 Million?
It is true!  Have a read, if you want!  CBS story about Jeff Koons' Rabbit

Here's a song by Eddie Rabbitt.  I did not know that he passed away with lung cancer at the age of 56 in 1998.  The lung cancer is bad stuff.  Our artsy grandmother, Mama Marion, died at the age of 55 with lung cancer, too.  She smoked.  I am not sure about Eddie, though.


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