Monday, January 9, 2017

Thanks, Bobo and "GA" for passing along empathy and the love of art!

Thanks, Bobo and "GA" for passing along empathy and the love of art! I read 1965's post last 
 Wednesday and thought to did we end up this way as adults. We are right brained educators. We love to help when there is a need but we don't like the spotlight on us as individuals. Yes, we get that from our parents which got me to thinking about my own daughter as she turns 18 this week.
I have folks all the time ask me things like:
How did you think of that?
Who taught you to do that?
How did you get so thoughtful?
Wow, what a meaningful gift...

You see "Growing Up Cochran" we weren't brought up very differently. It is just that our parents put us first and modeled some really good parenting behavior for us. It is described in this post here:
Why do we think as if there was no box at all? Maybe, because our parents allowed us to be that way!
Sometimes it is the little things that get passed on:
All I know is Bobo and GA are good folks with big hearts. They are the kind of people that I seek to be friends with in my adult'ing life and my art teacher'in career. I like the fact that they passed down certain things to me and my sister. A few things I remember from my childhood:
Visiting the nursing home to check in on an elderly family member.
Taking flowers to the grave yard at Christmas to sing to my grandparents.
Taking food to someone who was having a hard time...a death, sickness, etc...
Above all, we always had a pet! (dogs, cats and rabbits)

This piece of art is very special to me. I have it hanging in my kitchen. It is made from an old wooden Coke crate. My Dad, threw each one of those pots by hand. He glazed them all differently and created this way super cool piece just for me. It is a pain to dust, but each time I do. I look at how many hours went in to creating this and the thought process of having something to pass on down to my daughter.
Great article on empathy here:
I think I learned how to be a loyal friend along the way with my parents. I have watch my daughter be a very loyal friend over the years to others to a default. She has learned some hard lessons along the way, but it has made her a better person. During some of those hard lessons it was nice to be able to retreat to Bobo and GA's and just chill to get perspective on life!
I am so thankful for my parents and the gifts and talents that they passed on to us. We are blessed to be artsy and to be family. I appreciate all of my Bobo and Ga originals! Thanks for helping make my house rather unique. You guys are the best!

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