Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Very Creative Person-Celia Daniel

So, I just wanted you all to know that I have the best Mother In Law everrrrrr. We call her Ma"C". She sees me all the time and gets to witness all the paint stains that I have on my clothes. This was a pretty clever artsy fartsy gift to me from her. I have my own white coat. Just what a creative idea was this 'eh? I love it!

The kids love it and it has already been used multiple times. Thanks MaC for being a great Mother In Law and Grandma. I don't know what we would do without you. Everyone that meets you thinks you are the bomb diggity. I am not sure how the Maclay Volleyball team is going to deal without you helping with those lunches next year ;)
The chair below was made for me by MaC. I think I have had it in my classroom for over 10 years. We all adore it. She took a directors chair and arty'ed it up! The fringe had clay ornaments and small books hanging from it. Just way super cool. You can check out another post we did on MaC a few years ago. She has gotten really good at her mosaics.
You knew I would have to include this song...HAHAHAHAHA! It makes me laugh every time I hear it.You know you giggled just then as the music started.

Now, this one will really make ya tear up! I have been in your family since I was 14 so this one is for you. Get your kleenex out! Thanks for being "present" in our life. xoxox
You are always there for Mary Frances. We will cherish all of the memories. And, boy do we have lots of those from volleyball. (Car Rides, Rowdy Parents, Fabulous Teammates, Crazy Road Trips and those Snack Bags)

This post is for you get that new art studio set up and start creating some magnificent things. We can't wait to see them.

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