Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Friday, July 8, 2016

Growing Up Cochran

We have posted about our parents before here on the blog but the truth be known they are the reason we love art so much. This is Bobo's beach art. He has the knack of finding things and creating something with a vision in his head. We collected some beach goodies. He took them home. Let they dry out and then painted them and assembled this piece of beach art.
Here is the work in progress. We have always collected items from the beach and we sure do have some funny stories to pass down to Callie, Rob and Mary Frances. I love that he taught us this trait over the years. It is a passion he has for creating things with his hands. His mama had it too. I guess we got the Cochran Artsy gene passed on to us.
For as long as I can remember, Bobo and GA have loved a sunset. GA was never really up for a sunrise. She liked to sleep in. GA always encouraged our right brain shenanigans.

You see this summer, I have a senior. Yes, that little one in the photo above is a senior. I can't beleive it. I think we have passed down many loves and traditions to her. Growing Up Cochran can be summed up in a the following...

Love uncoditionally
Do what is right
Be a loyal friend
Stay away from hypocrites
Cut out the crazy
When people show you their true colors believe them
Repeat after me: Not my circus not my monkeys
Be kind
Take flowers to family members graves
Laugh until it hurts
Visit your kinfolk in nursing homes
Embrace large Easter egg hunts
Celebrate Christmas with a huge tree
Pay it forward
Support your family
Be encouraging
Work hard
Be trustworthy
Make time to wet a hook
Write down recipes
Make homemade ice cream
Cherish your elders
Give homemade gifts
Send thank you notes
Take lots of photos
Stay connected with social media
Attend family reunions
Grow a garden
Make time for some art therapy
Beach time is important
Lake time is a must
Look for lightening bugs
Make memories
Love your pets
Share ice cream
Try new things
Ride a bike
Experience a motorcycle ride
Play Putt Putt
Roller skate
Go to church
Read your Bible
Say a prayer
Don't judge
Set a good example
Skate board
Know that if people are talking about you they are on a good subject
Embrace a sunset it is one of God's paintings
Be a good neighbor
You can have "Hey, How Are Ya Friends" but you need to make "Life Long Friends" to help get ya through what life throws at you 
Road trips Chevy Chase style can be very educational
Learn to water ski
Pick up and clean up after yourself
Help with chores without being told
Own a 35 mm camera
Be grateful
Say Please and Thank You
Learn and Elvis song
Show empathy
Stand up for yourself
Be confident
Find a passion
Have a hobby or 2
Look for arrow heads
Sit in a deer stand 
Be patient
Explain things 
Look for the good in every sitatuion
Learn from your mistakes
Carry on
Go to a movie
Have family night
Grill out as a family
Enough is enough
Have good character
Shake hands
Make eye contact
Go to Vacation Bible School
Learn the song, I got the Joy Joy Joy down in my heart
Download music
Appreciate someone that can play an instrument
Learn from your Life Lessons

You see, the more I grow the more I realize all of these things helped shape me into the person I am and the experiences my parents afforded me make me who I am. It makes me the mother that I am, the teacher I am, the friend I am...etc...

Just feeling very appreciative in this blog post for family - 1969

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