Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Pop, Pop, Pop, ART, ART, ART!

3 in ONE PoP ART! 
The 8th graders were told to create art similar to that of at least 3 pop artists.
The artists were Romero Britto, Andy Warhol, and Roy Lichtenstein.  
Also, I told the kids to feel free to put their own spin on their work.
First, the students divided a fairly large piece of paper into 3 sections.
Next, the kids used pencil to draw.
Then, they filled in with their choice of materials.
The project took about 6 days to complete.  
The 8th graders thought the 3 in ONE PoP ART project was a fun one.  I think all of the students felt successful.  If the kids are happy, I am happy. 

The weird song below makes me happy, too.
I mean, straight up giggle happy.
Is that Stevie Nicks twirling a baton????
With most of the Fleetwood Mac band hanging out with the USC Trojan Marching band, I am just LOL!  


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