Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Patterns, Overlapping, Composition

This was a super way to discuss many Elements and Principles with just minimum art supplies around the art room. The students had 9x12 drawing paper, black sharpies, circle templates and tape.

How to?
9x12 drawing paper
Use Tape rolls to create circles that are free standing and overlapping
Need at least 10 circles (You can have more)
Each shape needs to be designed with a different Pattern
Be sure to have several overlap
Make note of the space and composition on your paper

These were done mono-chromatically. I really like the black and white.  Each was really popped. I want to do a doodle lesson this coming year and continue to work on Zentangles. This is a good start to our where I want our patterns to be. I want my students to grow further in the development of spacial compositions and detailed patterns.

Give it a try! It is pretty therapeutic to create!

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