Thursday, August 27, 2015

What is Art? Is it in a High School Volleyball Game?

I ran across this blog site today 
as I was researching Essential Questions and Understanding By Design.
It REALLY is a detailed analysis of what art is! Check it will be glad you did.
You see, I am trying to grow as a teacher as that is our new brand "go further" and I have been thinking outside the box on just how to get students to understand that ART is EVERYWHERE.
A few examples: Cool running shoes just how do they come up with a color scheme?
How about patterns on a bedspread?
A High School Volleyball Game?

Lets just take a second and break that down.
Fans: Give them a theme...USA (red, white and blue) - See just how creative they can get
(this is the part that I LOVE)
I appreciate Gina Weaver from Blue Canopy Photography for sharing her talent with me.

 Signs: Yep, you need art skills there

Bobble Heads: I'm seeing a pattern on needing some art background to create them...don't you?
 Thanks Blue Canopy Photography for always supporting our school and volleyball program!
Great way to help celebrate our seniors!
We took photos, sent to printer, had them printed front with funny face and back with normal face, cut out and used at the games...such a fun time for all involved!
Hand designed t-shirts, a sign, USA themed outfits supporting Lucky #13 who just happens to be 1969's daughter...Love her friends =)
With this type of open ended mindset it allows us to communicate and visually participate in the world around us.

This brings me back to teaching...I am picking and choosing what works best for my students.
I think whether you are on the volleyball court or in the art room it is all about your MINDSET. Are you going to have a fixed Mindset or a growth Mindset?
 I don't want to be stuck in a rut, do you?
Think about it...I love restless thinking because it allows me to reign in and focus on some super cool stuff going on campus and in my classroom!

Below is another post on volleyball and art

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