Monday, August 10, 2015

Posterize Yourself Door Decor

 Ever just have creative block?
Well, the art room door decoration through me for a loop this year.
I need a cool door because I teach 1st thru 8th grade and they like cool doors.
I consulted Laura, my high school art teacher friend, about my door predicament. 
I asked her would she like to do some joint door decoration. 
 She was not interested because high school kids do not really care what is on the door. 
Also, it is kind of hard to do a joint decoration thing because finding a happy medium with little kids and big kids is almost impossible. 
I Googled.
I Pinterested.
I stared at the door with good music playing.
I danced and stared at the door with good music playing.
Laura witnessed me struggle as she dismantled artwork from the hallway.
Finally, she felt sorry for me and decided to participate in my creative malfunction pity party.
We laid down on the floor and stared at the door with good music playing.
We danced and stared at the door with good music playing.
Then, BOOM!
Laura has this idea to put ourselves on our doors.
She went to the computer and googled.
I went to the computer and googled.
We found the posterize site.
Yeah, I know.  This is a very "sketchy" name, but the website is perfect.
You upload your photo.
You note the size by number of sheets of paper you would like to generate.
You have posterized yourself.
Take a picture of yourself.
I held art, a glue gun, and my diet coke.
Of course, the sunglasses were a nice prop.
Laura held her cat mug, a palette, and a brush for her photo.
We uploaded our photos to the website Rasterbator.

We printed out all 24 pages and begin the process of cutting and piecing together.

This cutting and piecing together was a killer for me.  I am not really into such meticulous door preparation.  I prefer the "eyeball it" method.  I think Laura enjoyed watching me suffer through the very precise cutting and taping.

The finished Laura door below.
Here I am by my posterized self.

Now, maybe we need a doorbell?


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