Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Art Room's Lucky Loveseat Sofa

Every art teacher needs a tie dyed loveseat sofa in the art room.  This newly found, but not so new sofa, was found outside of a church sitting by the curb.  How could my art teacher friend, Laura Harrison, resist this discarded loveseat sofa in her own neighborhood?  Of course, it was not so "cool" on the curb.  In the hands of Laura, I knew the sofa would have an "extreme makeover" in it's future.  

How did the tie dye loveseat sofa come to be tie dyed?  Well, Laura had some sheets that were not a family favorite that she decided needed to be put to use.  Also, she had some packages of powdered dye left over from another project.  Being such a resourceful art teacher, Laura got to work producing a pattern on the sheets that even The Grateful Dead would envy.  After the sheets were dyed, Laura got to work using a stapler, safety pins, and the hot glue gun, to provide the loveseat with its inviting appearance.  

Sure to be the home of many venting and discussion sessions, Laura is certain to have made the right choice when looking beyond the ugly plaid to the many possibilities of the lone loveseat.

Now, the new art room loveseat is lucky and loved.

Ed Sheeran's song "Sofa"
Yeah, that's right.  There is a song about a sofa.
Cool lettering and some fun illustrations in this video!


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