Sunday, December 4, 2011

what's ur name?

by #1965 third grade need a gift idea for someone that has everything?...for someone that is creative and appreciates the artsy?...well 1969 gave me this a few years ago...and i love it...

it is our maiden name...she made it from old handset type letterpress...u can find it in the google it is...

or...u really could use anything...if ur creative enough to think about it...

so 1969 calls me one saturday night a few weeks ago..and she says that she wants us to make our Christmas gifts for each other this year...blah.blah.blah...well guess what..?...i had just bought her some art that morning...can you believe that? i just kept my mouth shut and  just agreed with her and said sure...

so sis, i have decided that i will get my creative juices flowing and create art with interesting items from the past...

so pause our Christmas playlist and check these name songs them both!

the ting tings...that's not my name


shirley ellis...the name game

have a good sunday sunday,
fo sunday,
banana fanna,
fo funday,
fee fi,
mo monday,

december 4, 2011!

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  1. 1965 - just wait until you see what I made you and what I bought you =) You are gonna LOVE LOVE LOVE it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!