Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas and Mondrian

by karen #1965 third grade teacher....so i had to have something to decorate an envelope for a gift for our moms and dads...so...i thought, why not art?...so i talked a little about mondrian...i showed this video from MoMa...short Mondrian Video ...and then i showed them some of Mondrian's work...and gave them a Christmas tree that I drew and got them to color it with greens and reds...yes, i know they could have drawn the Christmas tree on their own, but I AM VERY PUSHED FOR TIME, folks!...so please forgive me for butting in on the creative process....

butting in on the creative process can come in many forms...the way we persuade students....encourage them through a project...some teachers may even use the drawing tool of a student and assist (eek...not cool!)...we all have to be careful...and let the kids think...and decide...and be happy with their choices...if and they make poor choices in art, they will know...and some (like myself on many occasions) will make the project into something they never even considered in the beginning...u gotta let art flow...and if u think about it....kinda the same way in life...u gotta let ur life flow...

here is an old song about letting ur love flow...we got art flow today...life flow...and now love flow...

The Bellamy Brothers
"Let Your Love Flow"

Check this out...found this on songfacts.com...talk about letting stuff flow...

According to Howard Bellamy, who is half of the Bellamy Brothers duo, it pays to be in the right place at the right time. This song is a prime example of that, and went on to become their biggest-selling single. Bellamy told us: "Around '74, we moved from Florida to L.A. to kind of pursue a career. We're from here in Central Florida in a little community called Darby - there is not much of a music scene here, to say the least. So we moved out there and met a lot of guys and met Neil Diamond's band, became good friends with his band. And one day Neil's drummer came over to our house and brought the demo of 'Let Your Love Flow,' and said, 'Hey, this sounds like something you guys would do.' So we went off to record that, and the rest is kind of history. It became not only the largest song of that year, it's become somewhere in the area of one of the largest songs ever, as far as being played. And it's become a standard, basically. I wish another one of those would come along."
Larry Williams, who was one of Neil Diamond's roadies, wrote this song. Neil Diamond, however, turned it down. Says Bellamy: "Well, it really wasn't in Neil Diamond's vein. I would say the guy who wrote this song is the wealthiest roadie now that ever was. Actually, Johnny Rivers had passed on the song. It had been pitched to a few people. It was recorded once by a guy named Gene Cotton; he recorded a kind of unusual version. But when we heard it we had an idea of how we wanted to record it because it kind of fit our style, acoustic bass with a groove, and I think that has a lot to do with it. You've got to really match songs with artists, and I think it was the perfect song for us, a great match."
happy tuesday, december 13, 2011!

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