Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2 Great Danes and a 242 Count Photo Shoot! Hope You Have a DOG GONE Good Christmas!

Meet Colby...Yep, he looks and acts just like SCOOBY DO! Um, huh...Ru-Row Scraggy!
Of the 242 photos...this one is one of my favorites! Dunno why...but it is!
This is Cooper. He is looking rather dapper on this fine day for his photo shoot down here in Tally!
Colby is done...he is like...PLEASE Pretty please...no more photos!
He has no idea what we are already thinking for next years card =)

You see Cooper is one of my friends Great Danes. Mailin is my good friend. She says to me..."Hey ya wanna help me do a photo shoot of my pups for a Christmas Card for my class?" I am like - HECK yeah! BLOG Material...Wahoooo!!!! My brain started swirling with CREATIVE Chaos.

So the fun begins! How hilarious is this photo. Love the angle.

So, if Cooper could talk...what would he be saying right now? I can only imagine! Can't you....

If you could read Colby's Mind....what is he thinking? Man, I love these dogs. We are just animal people. Always have been always will be! We have a rule in our house that we have to name our animals after artists. And, since Left Brain Hubby Hunts and my daughter too...we have to have short syllable words / names to call the dogs back to the duck blind. Get the idea! Yes, this is not as much of a problem as MF is now in 7th grade. We just didn't want Left Brain in a boat or duck blind calling a dog after a shoot something like "Princess" or "Puddin" - get the idea! 
Meet Sal. He is named after Salvador Dali....take note of the cute Turkey Pumpkin the in the background. We will soon blog about it too! Sal is 11 years old and is the best snuggle bug in the whole wide world. He has a huge block head. Oh, man is he a SA-WEETY!

This is Pearl. She was a great girl. We had her for over 10+ years. We didn't name her. She was named by the hunting trainer. Pearl died this past Spring. Oh it was so very sad. Makes my heart frown just to think about it. Pearl had a sweet story. We took Sal to be trained and the trainer saw 1969's 2 year old daughter at the time with Sal. He then asked my husband - LEFT BRAIN - if we wanted another dog. She was already trained but had been abused by her previous owner. Ok, so we took one look at her and we brought her home. She was treated like a PRINCESS the whole time we had her and man did that dog like to hunt! She was already named but we found a reason to justify her name in the art realm...Pink PEARL eraser - now ya see her and now ya don't. Side story...we just built our house in 2005 ( by the way Martha Stewart has nothing on me but jail time with the house building stuff) Any who - Pearl decided that she needed to retrieve and animal. Oh yes! Guess what it was. A LIVE armadillo. I kid you not. Well, Left Brain was out of town at the time. My good ole' right brained self had to figure out what to do next! Ok, really - you just can't make this stuff up! Pearl, was a super good girl. R.I.P
Well, when MF was in 2nd grade all she asked Santa for was another black lab.....YES that would make 3 labs. We named this Christmas Pup, Roy. He was named after Roy Lichtenstein. We had been studying Roy at school and MF knew we had to come up with an artsy name for him. So we did and it passed the duck call from the boat...one syllable name!
This is a portrait that MF did of Roy in art class with me. We were studying Howard Finster. Love some folk art - got it framed in our house right now!
This CAT is Rotten to the core but so uber sweet. She just wants to snuggle up and purr! Check her out hanging out 2 Christmas' ago on the dog bed Santa left the pups! Looking like a Queen. She just struck herself a pose and stayed there until the Santa commotion began.

Meet PiCATso- you got it. Named after Pablo Picasso. This kitty cat was at the POUND :( She was about to be put to sleep. MF saw her and we brought her home. So, this Cat went from the pound to the palace. She is a hoot. And a great addition to our little family! She loves to get in bed with you and steal your pillow. She can be a pretty techno-savy cat do as she likes to mess with you while you are on your laptop. She loves attention!
 Look at Sal. He has play dates with Cooper and Colby!
This is the first time that Colby had ever been in the water! I do believe that he took to it. What do you think?

Check out the size of Colby and our labs are pretty big!

Colby loves to play football, can't you tell! Yes, that is a regular size football. When Sal and Pearl tried to grab it in their mouth it would just roll out. Colby gummed the sucker and took off like he was Hershel Walker or something!

Here is MF and Roy this past Novmeber. He is such a good dog! He is ever so protective of his MF.

Yes, Cooper does like to get in the pool. Is this not hilarious =)
Makes me giggle everytime I look at it!
Cooper Chillin' in the summer time!

What about PiCATso posing by her Christmas gifts last year. She just stopped and I took the photo. Crazy...Cats NEVER ever do what you want them to do. What are the odds that I could get a photo like this? I love the animal stockings. We hang them up every year for Santa to fill!

So, there ya have it. A photo shoot and some animals named after artists! 
Hope you all have a great day!


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  2. Cooper and Colby have real beds, so no need for dog beds. Thanks for your help with the pics. Can't wait to see what my students say when they got the cards in the mail!!!