Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Koi Fish Painting - Chinese Unit

So we did a unit on Chinese Art to go along with our theme for our school auction this year. I researched how to draw Koi Fish on the net and found some really cool resources which I proceeded to share via the handy dandy Ipad and LCD Screen in my classroom. (I so love technology when it works with your lesson plans!) The kids were given all kinds of ideas to use as media...bascially kid choice...marker, colored pencil, tempera paint, watercolor or mixed media. Well, this is how a few of them turned out. Way cool. Don't you think these would make great note cards? I do....mmmmm...maybe that will be my next task as an art teacher. 'Tis the Season for lots of CREATIVE Chaos. I hope you all have got your Art Craft on for the 2011 Holidays =)
Over and out!
Happy Day, 1969

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